How it all began

The first police force in Leicestershire was the Leicester Borough Police, formed in 1836 and based in the heart of the city at the Guildhall.

Three years later, in 1839, Leicestershire Police came into being as one of the first county forces in Britain.

In 1848, a third force - Rutland Constabulary - was formed with just one constable and a chief constable.

All three forces ran independently until April 1951 when Leicestershire Police and Rutland Constabulary merged into one. Some years prior to this, in 1919, the Borough Police changed its name to Leicester City Police.

This organisation continued independently until 1967 when a new single force - Leicester and Rutland Constabulary - was created.

A further change came in April 1974 under the re-organisation of local government. The police force for the entire area took the name Leicestershire Constabulary.

In 2012, Leicestershire Constabulary changed its name to Leicestershire Police.

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