Police Support Volunteers

COULDYOU share your time and skills to support policing in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland?

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You could be involved in neighbourhood investigations as a neighbourhood investigation unit volunteer, or protecting people’s homes from burglary as a home security volunteer.

You could improve on your professional skills, such as leadership, as a lead volunteer or cadet leader.

You could organise community initiatives as a dedicated neighbourhood team volunteer and support those directly affected by crime in their area.

You could help to protect the hundreds of historical buildings and sites in our county as a heritage crime volunteer.

You could support officers and staff by providing pastoral care, and a listening ear as a police chaplain.

Whatever your role, police support volunteers make a significant impact on the service we provide to our communities.

What is a police support volunteer?

A police support volunteer (PSV) is a member of the public who plays a vital role in helping us deliver and improve the service we provide to your communities. Through personal choice they commit time and energy to perform tasks at the direction and on behalf of Leicestershire Police.

What's in it for you?

Volunteering can benefit you in a whole host of different ways. By becoming a police support volunteer, you can:

If you have some spare time to donate, why not come and try it? You might discover a hidden talent, we can provide lots of opportunities to help you learn new skills and make a positive difference in your area.

Volunteers must be aged 16 or over, and successful applicants will go through a security vetting check.

The recruitment process can take up to three months and if you are successful, you will be offered a suitable volunteer opportunity.

Please see our FAQ page for more details

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